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We inspire minds by promoting social innovation through talks, conferences, workshops and other events organized by the Sonova Institute.

Invent & Incubate

We support social startups with expertise and network to develop the prototypes of social innovation ideas.


We invest in sustainable and scalable business solutions that address social and environmental problems.

Business 2.0

We work with businesses and corporations to incorporate social missions into their core strategy and operations.

Through our portfolio social start-ups, we have mobilized human and capital resources
in our city to improve the lives of many people in need:

Portfolio ventures
Lives improved
Assets transformed
Lives touched
Media features
For the treatment of conylomas I got from the dermatologist Aldara cream. This should apply 3 weeks in the rhythm every 2 days apply (Mon, Wed, Fri) and the weekend break. After a few days with Aldara, the skin in the groin and the scrotum (where the condyloma was located) was very red.

Social issues addressed by our portfolio social start-ups include
aging population, housing, poverty, education, social inclusion and environmental challenges:

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