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What is Business 2.0?

Every interaction with a stakeholder offers a variety of opportunities
to integrate “shared value” in your business strategy.

There are four main areas to consider:

  • Operations:
    realizing social change and innovation through daily operations 
  • Market:
    developing products and services to serve unmet needs
  • Partnerships:
    creating fair and trusted partnerships with different stakeholders
  • Communities:
    engaging with communities impacted by your business
SVhk’s Approach

We provide Business 2.0 consultancy to support businesses to incorporate social mission into their strategy and operations.
With our expertise and network, we work with your business as partners to find sustainable social impact solutions together.


As-is analysis and target setting


Development and selection
of ideas


Form dedicated project team to test pilot projects


Integrate project into daily activities

Case Study

Business Consultancy for Le Prabelle Hotel

SVhk partnered with Le Prabelle Hotel, a boutique hotel in Prince Edward, to utilise its core operations to support social and environmental initiatives in Hong Kong. For example. We worked together to enhance the Hotel’s:

  • Employment policy
  • Training program
  • Merchandising policy
  • Property space
  • Marketing and partnerships etc.

to benefit NGOs, social enterprises and underprivileged members in our society.

Contact us if you have an innovative idea to solve Hong Kong’s urban issues!

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