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We invest in sustainable and scalable business solutions that address social and environmental problems.

Investment Focus


We make investments into innovative and sustainable businesses with high potential to create scalable social and environmental impact.


We target solutions that address pressing urban issues faced by our city, such as ageing, poverty, education, environment etc.


We support early-stage startup companies at or beyond the validation stage. For larger investments, we can approach co-investors together with the entrepreneurs.

Investment Process

Deal sourcing and screening of new opportunities, mainly through word-of-mouth referrals

Due diligence

Initial due diligence to gain understanding on business model, financials and management team


Develop prototype together with entrepreneur to validate the business, operation and impact model
(typically 9 – 12 months)


Determine investment terms, growth plans and forms of collaboration post-investment; prepare appraisal document for Board’s approval

Post-investment, we will continue to provide extra-financial support to help develop the business of portfolio ventures. Portfolio ventures shall provide regular updates on financials, business needs and social / environmental impact.

Investment Criteria

We have developed the SVhk IMPACT Spiral to assess potential investments that we come across.

The framework considers six areas of social and business impact:

  • Innovation: provides new solution that can achieve breadth and depth
  • Market: addresses gap between market demand and supply
  • People: able to build a team of entrepreneurs and management
  • Alignment: synergises with external partners and broadens network
  • Continuity: self-sufficiency with proper management
  • Transformation: being a systemic game-changer

Contact us if you know of a business that fits our investment criteria!

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