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Goods Co-Share
Redefining the way we consume – lower prices, greater social value

A non-profit social enterprise focusing on poverty alleviation through providing quality, affordable household necessities to less-advantaged families through direct group purchase and sharing, enhancing social capital and advocacy for an affordable market.

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Low-income households served
Vision and mission 願景與使命

Our vision is to be a value-driven social enterprise, that strives to support the less-advantaged families, and bring countable social impact to the society.


The situation 現況
  • According to research conducted by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, low-income families spend almost half of their household income on daily necessities and groceries
  • Families cannot afford retail products due to the high markup
  • Some families have no choice but to shop at chain supermarkets / shopping malls due to the lack of alternative suppliers in their neighborhood
  • 生活必需品成為家庭的主要經濟負擔:根據香港社會服務聯會的調查發現,食物及其他生活必需品佔基層家庭每月開支超過一半
  • 基層家庭未能負擔「超級市場價錢」
  • 一些基層家庭因居住的社區較少 街市和小型供應商的選擇,只能在區內較近的連鎖超級市場或商場購買日常所需的物品
Our work 主要工作

Personal level 個人層面

  • Lower cost of living: locate suppliers and collaborate with NGOs to provide quality, affordable daily necessities to less-advantaged families through direct group or bulk purchase and sharing
    節省其生活開支: 與供應商及非牟利機構合作,為基層家庭提供可負擔的生活必須品
  • Income generation: create part time job opportunities and build financial literacy for low income homemaker

Interpersonal level 社區層面

  • Consumption as a means to enhance the growth of social capital among the community

Structural level 結構層面

  • Develop an affordable market through providing alternative ways of consumption
    社區「可負擔市場」(Affordable Market)模式的推展

Products 產品

Rice 米, Cooking Oil 食油, Macaroni 通粉, Soy Sauce 豉油, Sugar 糖, Salt 鹽, Detergent洗潔精, Washing Powder 洗衣粉, Shampoo 洗頭水, Handmade soap 手工肥皂

Our value proposition 企業價值
  • Pay worthy: reduce costs in the retailing process, resulting in lower prices for the needy 物依所值:節省一切零售成本,低價回歸基層
  • Environmentally friendly: reduce packaging waste and reuse containers 環保:減少包裝,重用器皿
  • Sharing economy: share resources, rebuild trust and mutual support 共享經濟: 共享手上資源重建鄰里互信
  • Innovative: innovation as a means to solve social problems 創新:運用社會創新,減低貧窮問題
  • Cross sector collaboration: serving less-advantaged families through collaborating with the private sector, churches and NGOs
  • Countable impact: assess social impact by scientific measurement tools 可評估的影響:以科學化評估工具,評估企業之社會影響
Meet the team 我們的團隊

Mr. Matthew Lee

Matthew was born into a low-income family. He grew up in a subdivided flat in Kowloon City and then moved into public housing in New Territories. Growing up in poverty has driven him to become a Registered Social Worker with more than 15 years of serving the underprivileged, from frontline to managerial grade. He graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Distinguished Scholarship and Dean List in 2013.

Prior to establishing Goods Co-Share, Matthew worked in grant making and project management in one of the biggest charity foundations in Hong Kong. He is also a part time lecturer and fieldwork supervisor in the City University of Hong Kong.

出身基層的Matthew 在分租房與公屋中長大,促使他成為一位從事基層服務的社工超過十五年。Matthew於2013年在香港中文大學以院長榮譽錄成績碩士畢業後,開始涉獵慈善基金項目管理及社工教學及督導工作,並於2016年成立社企「良由集貨」。

Ms. Kinko Chu

Prior to cofounding Goods Co-Share,  Kinko has solid experience and knowledge in NGO administration, logistics,  wholesaling and retailing.

Kinko was born into a deprived family, having withstood financial hardship, it has nurtured her empathy towards the underprivileged and instilled in her a deep sense of desire to help those in need. With a strong passion in serving the needy, she started her career in an innovative social enterprise in 2015.

Kinko從事行政工作多年,並對物流、批發、零售等行業有深厚認識,同樣出身基層的她於工餘時間參與不同義務工作,對社會貧窮問題有深切的體會。Kinko 於 2015年開始參與社會創新及社會企業的全職工作,並於2016年與 Matthew 共同成立社企「良由集貨」。

Our partners 合作夥伴
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