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Keith Chan

Keith joined SVhk as a volunteer in October 2009. During his early years with SVhk, Keith started off by helping Diamond Cab with its zoning and pricing model. Keith is now in charge of the web development and strategies of SVhk. He developed and maintains the websites of many of SVhk’s portfolio projects including Diamond Cab, Green Monday, Concert in the Dark, Asia Social Innovation Award, Playtao Education, Table for Two and etc.

SVhk has offers Keith a collaborative environment that celebrates individuality and creative thinking. Through his work at SVhk, he has been given an opportunity to create meaningful impact in our society.

Keith envisions a world where every business is a social business. He believes with the growing interest in social entrepreneurship and unconventional thinking, it is only a matter of time before problems faced by mankind can be tackled by business models that are socially-driven and promote sustainability.

During his leisure time, Keith loves to travel. Other than Antarctica, he has been to all continents in the world. He also enjoys hiking and has completed the 50km Green Power Hike in 11 hours.

Keith is also a trainee solicitor at an international law firm. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and Law degree from the University of Hong Kong.

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