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Playtao Education
Enabling students to smile with self-respect and self-confidence

Playtao Education is a social start-up initiative that aims to address Hong Kong’s growing education needs, with a special focus on children from grassroots families.

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Playtao Foreverland
Campus-based after-school programme that provides holistic support to primary school students

Playtao Foreverland aims to build up confidence in students of their own ability, self-esteem and self-efficacy, and empower them to find their own tools to build their own sense of self, through daily academic support and broad-based learning opportunities by dedicated mentors.

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Playtao Dreamland
Inclusive learning to inspire a rethink of the meaning of achievement

Playtao Dreamland pioneers first-class education programmes by top-notch educators to grassroots families.

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Learning opportunities created
Playtao Joyland
Affordable child development and therapy services for families and children

Playtao Joyland combines healthcare and education resources, and by filling the market gap for therapy services, provides timely treatment to children in need.

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