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Sonova Institute
Inspire. Invent. Incubate. Invest.

Sonova Institute is a virtual institute to inspire minds and promote the concept of social innovation through its flagship programmes.

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Asia Social Innovation Award (ASIA)
An annual Asia-wide award to generate innovative ideas to tackle social and environmental issues

Launched in 2008, ASIA aims to promote social entrepreneurship in Asia and provides a platform for idea-stage entrepreneurs to kick start their business through networking and expertise exchanges.

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House of Social Innovators (HoSI)
A network for aspiring social entrepreneurs

HoSI is a network for aspiring social entrepreneurs, particularly social innovation competition winners in Hong Kong, looking to bring their ideas to reality. HoSI provides a mentorship and acceleration programme to build the capacity of early stage social start-ups.

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Social Leaders Programme (SLP)
Internships with an impact

SLP is a summer internship programme hosted by SVhk and our portfolio social enterprises. It aims to nurture the next generation of changemakers by offering young professionals an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the social innovation sector, developing innovative ideas and practical skills to solve current social and environmental issues.

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Working at SVHK, I saw for myself the challenges and opportunities that face Hong Kong and its social entrepreneurs, and every day here was a new experience. I was exposed to a wide range of projects and met many people in and out of the office, who were all extremely friendly, intelligent, and passionate about creating a better Hong Kong. I’m lucky to have had the chance to truly experience the world of social entrepreneurship first-hand as a newcomer, and I’ve learned so much here to take into the future!

Sophia Abdelrahman
Wellesley College
SLP 2017

Interning at Social Ventures Hong Kong was a valuable and rewarding experience. The chance to assist projects in the incubating team and meet impactful change-makers in a Hong Kong was a privilege. The internship has also given me valuable work experience whilst complementing my academic interests. Interns are trusted as valuable members of the team and my co-workers were extremely helpful and welcoming. If you are also studying overseas at the moment and wish to gain an unique insight into the emerging social enterprise sector here in Hong Kong, do not hesitate to grab this chance to show your enthusiasm. “Always keep your mind open to new challenges” – My key take away from SVhk this summer!

Crystal Lai
The London School of Economics
SLP 2016

SVhk showed great confidence in me to contribute my own ideas and lead independent projects within the first week. While I worked extensively with the impact capital team to produce a new corporate video and animation for the rebranding campaign, I also gained valuable insight from interacting with the local community and representatives from the business and non-profit sector. As someone coming with zero business background, SVhk's creativity and passion strongly influenced me to explore the potential of social entrepreneurship in creating social change. I had a lot of fun this summer!

Tiffany Fung
The University of Texas at Austin
SLP 2015

Working in SVhk was a truly valuable experience in my life. The work not only trained up my practical skills in a fast-paced working environment, but also opened up my horizons, in both social and business aspects. I would highly encourage anyone who would like to grasp the thriving trend of social innovation to join SVhk. I promise that you would never regret your decision!

Erica Wong
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
SLP 2014

Over my summer internship with SVhk, I had the opportunity to work on various projects, from administration and preparation work to actual implementation. The SLP program, which offers a diverse range of experiences, developed my practical skills and gave me insight into the potential of making the society a better place while running a business. It was definitely not just an ordinary job experience, also an inspiration.

Jenny Leung
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
SLP 2013

I am grateful for SLP as it had let me experience how to solve social problems in practice. I experienced the challenges of starting a project from scratch, from project initiation to research and multi-party negotiation. Despite the many obstacles, all the colleagues at SVhk constantly showed their passion for and commitment to social ventures.

Alvin Chan
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
SLP 2013

The program provided me with the opportunity to immerse myself in the social enterprise sector in Hong Kong. I met a ton of interesting people and attended many different conferences and events, including the Social Enterprise Summit and the Table for Two launch event. The biggest highlight of my experience was getting to know the SVhk team. They share boundless optimism and enthusiasm for making the world a better place, which made working with them an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

Maya Tobias
Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley
SLP 2012

Throughout the summer, I worked closely with the SVhk staff and gained an understanding of the potential for a culture of social innovation to emerge in Hong Kong. I focused on developing a system for evaluating, assessing, and monitoring social enterprises to be incubated by SVhk. I also learned how cross-sector partnerships can be an important strategy for counteracting social challenges in Hong Kong, and the power of creative marketing ideas to shift norms of behavior within the business world.

Ally Dommu
The New School
SLP 2012

My internship at SVhk provided me with valuable hands-on experience and to dive deeper into one of the social startups that I was passionate about. From day one, I was given projects which allowed me to hone my practical skills and learned the business model in running a social enterprise which has prepared me well for my future career. One thing that I have valued most include, but not limited to, the nice and supportive working environment where there are no boundaries during the meetings. I encourage anyone who wants to be changemakers to join SLP!

Karen Chung
UC Berkeley
SLP 2018

I observed how different resources and organizations are put together by SVHK to make social change happen! You can definitely learn to ‘un-define yourself’ in SVHK, that is to think broader than common sense, and create innovative social solution!

Leo Ho
Chinese University of Hong Kong
SLP 2018
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