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Mr. Alex Dong

As the CEO of Sun Entertainment Culture Limited, Asia Fusion Group and Nextra Group, Alex Dong has built several responsive enterprises that consistently deliver results by aligning technology initiatives with business goals, to achieve substantial improvement in service delivery, standardization, and business performance.

Holding a master degree in Business Administration from St Clements University, St Clements Private Swiss University and Business University of Costa Rica, Mr. Dong applies proactive management in various industries including finance, entertainment, IT and global marketing with successful results.

In 2013, Mr. Dong resuscitated the Hong Kong movie industry by producing a popular movie Vulgaria 《低俗喜劇》, with box office results of $30m. With international concert productions, music creations and artist management, he has built a substantial entertainment empire in Hong Kong.

Mr. Dong is active in a variety of civic and cultural organizations including the Guangdong Federation of Chinese Youth Association and Inspirational Youth Association. Outside of his professional interests, he travels widely, reads, sports, and enjoys living in Hong Kong with his family and pets.

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