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Doris Leung

Doris joined SVhk in 2007, initially as a volunteer to nurture a project idea of wheelchair accessible vehicles in Hong Kong, and in 2008, became an Executive Director. In her current role as Director of Social Innovation, Doris supports SVhk’s portfolio social start-ups and manages external partnerships of Sonova Institute to promote social entrepreneurship and social innovation.

Prior to joining SVhk, Doris was a Principal Reporter at i-Cable News.

Among all social issues, an aging population is at the top of Doris’ mind because she came to realise the sophisticated care an elder needs when her mother became wheelchair-bound. Her personal experience caring for her mother inspired Doris to set up Diamond Cab and contribute to SVhk to coordinate global resources to explore the business opportunities associated with aged consumers and in the end benefit elders in need.

Doris enjoys seeing the significant and enduring social impact created by SVhk. Over the years, she has witnessed how different sectors in Hong Kong have actively transformed from the traditional charity mindset into endorsing the new blended value of social entrepreneurship.

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