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Lisa Loo

Lisa oversees the innovation of new ideas to address Hong Kong’s urban social issues, including sustainability and community issues, and leads incubation efforts for over 20 early-stage social innovation organisations to grow these companies from idea stage to self-sustainability while pursuing a social mission. She has also spearheaded collaborations efforts with over 20 corporate partners to strategise and execute social innovation projects.

Lisa is the Chief Executive Officer of BottLess (, an impact business with the mission of innovating holistic solutions for corporates and organisations to address their plastic challenge with accessible, adaptable and actionable steps for everyday consumers to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle. For her work with BottLess, Lisa was recently awarded the Eco Innovator Award in the Women Eco Game Changer Awards by the Global Green Economic Forum.

Prior to joining SVhk and BottLess, Lisa held senior management positions in the brewery industry, focusing on sales, marketing and general management in Mainland China and Hong Kong, and at a Hong Kong NGO, directing corporate communications and fundraising Lisa holds a bachelor degree from the University of California, Los Angeles and an MBA from the University of Hong Kong.

She is the proud mother of a Six-year-old boy and picked up running and swimming in order to keep up with her active son.

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