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Ms. Teresa Orr

Ms. Orr (better known to her colleagues as Teresa) is a social and environmental advocate who addresses issues of education, health, women empowerment, and environmental rehabilitation in Asia. Originally from Hong Kong, Teresa worked in nursing and healthcare education where she developed a strong passion for helping people. Later on, Teresa focused her time on raising her two children while also volunteering in her community. More recently she has become deeply involved with international development work.

Her varied interests are reflected in her diverse portfolio of work, the latest being in the areas of addressing basic needs for families, and the environment. Programs include building compassion homes for live along elders, families with disabled and mentally ill children, disaster rebuilding work, environmental awareness, general education and health care, dental care for rural kids, and finally, capacity building for vulnerable communities with the goals of achieving independence and self-sufficiency. She enjoys bringing people and organizations together through a holistic approach that encourages discussion and learning. A firm believer in leveraging resources, Teresa considers it important to collaborate with other donors and organizations to raise awareness on social and development issues and concerns. She is a member of Give2Asia’s Executive Committee and the Development Committee. She travels extensively in Asia, visiting and monitoring Give2Asia’s and her own independent programs and projects.

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