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Valerie Ma

Valerie joined SVHK in 2017 as an Assistant Manager in the Innovation and Incubation team. She is passionate in various social initiatives especially in cultural and environmental aspects.  was previously a core member of Lawnmap Hong Kong to encourage the use of public lawns by holding different events such as Grasscamp.

For her hobbies, she likes to immerse herself into mountains to deeply connect with mother Earth who always gives her strengths to walk the path that her heart leads. She is also a registered yoga teacher who dedicated to integrating her life wisdom and mindfulness practice into every part of her life. She believes that these experiences shape her values in curating the projects of Social Ventures Hong Kong.

She firmly believes in what Mahatma Gandhi said, “To be the change you wish to see in the world”. She would like to discover the beauty of each individual and each campaign that enables her to aggregate collective efforts to create a better world for all beings.

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